Why would I hire an organizer? I hired GiGi “Shorely organized by GiGi” because my closets were a disaster. I needed to organize so I could find things I needed in everyday Life. GiGi said, “let’s get organized together and I will teach you how to stay organized.” GiGi assisted me in cleaning out what was not needed and rearranging the order, so I could find my things easier.She also used various containers so it would make it easier to find my shoes and purses. My clothing is now color coordinated and this made it much easier to see and find. Everything is actually Organized now! The process was not at all overwhelming, and since that day I have kept my closet in order because of the great organization. I would totally recommend SObyGiGi because we keep many things that I’ve realized are not necessary. I’m hiring her again to organize my pantry. This is one of the best ideas I have invested in and I highly recommend this to anyone who needs real organization. Thank you so much GiGi 💗

Living in a small apartment in Margate city New Jersey I needed help with our closets it was filled with things that hadn’t been touched in years and was in complete chaos. Lana came in and rescued us. In a few hours she help me sort and Peele through countless items encouraging me to throw away and donate things that I no longer used. Lana transport our closet From a cluttered mess into an organized, tidy and functional space and which we can find anything we need within seconds. Thanks so much GiGi!

Unclutter, organize and motivate are 3 things that Shorely Organized made possible! If not for Shorely Organized and especially Lana, my home would still be a cluttering mess! I highly recommend to all those who need a little organization in their lives. 👗

Susan Taylor Bell  recommends Shorely Organized by GiGi.

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Hiring GiGi to help my in-laws declutter and pack up their home in preparation for moving is THE BEST decision I ever made. She is kind, super organized and attentive. She made an overwhelming situation enjoyable for all.